Great Mane

Being the king of the beasts requires a great mane. The same principle applies to the show ring.  Great hair can make the difference between winners and also-rans.

Great Mane combines the power of the plains and the strength of the sea to help lower body temperature and promote hair health and growth. Great Mane does not contain melatonin.

You won’t find any fluff or fillers in Great Mane. When we formulated Great Mane we decided to keep the ingredients simple include what you need and leave ingredients that don’t contribute anything but cost out. In addition to Tasco, betaine, vitamins, and minerals that support skin and hair Great Mane is supplemented with extruded full fat flax meal to supply omega fatty acids to support skin and hair health. When you feed Great Mane your animals will get thicker, longer, healthier hair.

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25 lbs. per purchase.

Price: $75.00