Designed for Pigs, Cattle, Sheep, and Goats

The TrueGLO family of products has been used in some of the best show barns in the country for nearly a decade, and the list of TrueGLO every level of competition keeps growing. Feed your animal just 8 grams per feeding so your show rations aren’t diluted with wheat middling fillers, the number one ingredient in other competitive products. TrueGLO is supplied in a 5.25 lb bucket and supplies 150 days for pigs, goats, or lambs or 75 days for steers and heifers.

TrueGLO Benefits
  1. Supports the Immune System
    Our patent pending product PreVent is the foundation and supports the immune system. Independent research confirms it improves both innate and acquired immunity.
  2. Combats Stress
    Promoting a healthy immune system also combats stress. Stress causes animals to release performance robbing acute phase proteins, and research demonstrates TrueGlo helps minimize them.
  3. Improved Appetite & Digestion
    We have never found a better supplement for improving and maintaining appetite. The probiotics, prebiotics, osmolytes, and digestive enzymes in TrueGlo have been shown in independent research to improve the gut environment.
  4. Improved Stamina & Endurance
    TrueGlo contains a proprietary formula that’s been very successful in our customers’ hands helping them drive longer and with authority.
When to Use TrueGLO
  • Every day you have show stock on feed.
  • When starting new show stock on feed or co-mingling animals from different sources.
  • After treating an animal with antibiotics.
  • Whenever you want to optimize the value of expensive show feeds and allow your animal to reach their full genetic potential.
  • During the final push to get them at 12 o’clock and improve their stamina and drive.

TrueGlo products allow your animal to reach its genetic potential by combating stress, supporting the immune system, and maintaining appetite. 

Price: $70.00