Designed for Show Pigs

TrueTRAC is a uniquely formulated nutritional supplement designed to prevent hoof and joint issues in show pigs. Made only from ingredients that are officially defined for use in livestock feed, TrueTRAC contains ingredients that reduce inflammation and chronic oxidative stress.


Over the years the number one thing our customers asked is for help with joint and hoof issues in show pigs. One of the advantages of our veterinary practice is the ability to learn from client’s animals. TrueTRAC is designed to nutritionally support healthy joints and contains a formula of complexed zinc, chelated trace minerals, biotin, vitamin C, ingredients high in bioflavonoids. In combination, this blend reduces inflammation and chronic oxidative stress, the number one contributing factor for osteochondrosis and osteoarthritis in show pigs. OCD /OA sends more show pigs to the cull pen than any other condition. Nutritionally supporting joints from day one as they grow is a key to preventing these problems down the road.

TrueTRAC is also rich in egg shell membrane, a source of the collagen building blocks and synovial fluid building material necessary for healthy joint structure and lubrication.

Use of TrueTRAC Bucket

  • All show pigs from start to finish to support joint hoof and skeletal health.
  • When you want to ensure your show pig has the healthy joints and hooves it takes to drive with authority
  • When your show pig starts to display even the slightest signs of discomfort
  • For show pigs that develop a shorter stride when they drive

The 48 oz bucket is a 150 day supply.

TrueTRAC is a nutritional supplement that is designed to target hoof and joint issues in show pigs. Trac is one of our most popular products because it simply works. Trac is unique as a hoof and joint nutritional supplement. Part of the reason is we use very bioavailable ingredients to support nutrient absorption to help you avoid hoof and joint problems, and decrease inflammation so your pig can drive with the authority and athleticism it takes to win.