TrueGlo Turbo


Use of TrueGlo Turbo:

TrueGlo Turbo is the most exciting new product we have ever researched and developed.  It combines a proprietary blend of esterified medium chain triglycerides, low odor butyrate, PreVent our patent pending immune system support product,  along with other nutrients that support show pig performance.  

Whether you are pushing one for rapid weight gain or feeding one slower to improve maturity for a target show TrueGlo Turbo is going to help you get the most out of the pig.

Price: $100.00



The benefits of TrueGlo Turbo include:

-          Improved appetite 

o   That means you can push for maximum growth rate when needed.

-          Improves gut function by increasing villus height and crypt depth 

o   That means that nutrient absorption is improved, which is especially important when you are feeding one slower to optimize maturity.

o   A number of authors have published papers supporting improved gut morphology and enhanced absorption including the following: Galluser et al. 1993; Jenkins &Thompson, 1993; Czernichow et al. 1996; Iba et al. 1998. Lindmark et al. 1995, 1998

o   We have also repeated the documentation of improved villus height and crypt depth in our own research.

-          Antibacterial and antiviral activity supported by peer reviewed research

o   That means you recapture many of the benefits that used to be available when antibiotics for growth promotion were available.

o   It works by entering the bacterial semi-permeable membrane and lowering the pH resulting in bacterial death.

o   An example of the power of MCTs is a system that historically experienced a 40% incidence of clinical Mycoplasma arthritis has as of this writing gone 8 consecutive turns without a single clinical case.

o   The evidence that MCTs inhibit pathogenic bacteria has been repeated by several researchers including the following: Kabara et al. 1972; Kabara, 1984;Isaacs et al. 1990, 1992; Boddie & Nickerson, 1992; Wang& Johnson, 1992; Guthery, 1993; Oh & Marshall, 1993;Kinderlerer et al. 1996; Petrone et al. 1998; Petschow et al.1998; Sprong et al. 2002

o   The antiviral activity of MCTs has been reported to be penetration of the viral envelope.

-          Prebiotics: TrueGlo Turbo contains the most powerful prebiotic we have ever tested.

o   That means a healthy gut microbiome and all its benefits.

o   On the subject of good bacteria, we’ve been asked about the effect of esterified medium chains on pathogenic bacteria and whether that means they also negatively affect the healthy microbiome.

§  No, they don’t and the reason is in the mechanism of action. MCTs penetrate the cell membrane and kill bacteria by reducing pH in the cell.  Since most beneficial organisms in the microbiome are acid producing they are very resistant to low pH.

-          Yeasts: TrueGlo Turbo delivers both Saccharomyces and Aspergillus species of beneficial yeast.

o   That means it not only supports a healthy stable gut environment but also supports starch and fiber digestibility.

o   Xylanase is the principal digestive enzyme in Aspergillus and we use a purified high potency product to deliver as much as 10X the xylanase activity as other products.