About True North Technologies

True North Technologies got started as a natural outgrowth of our founder and owner’s veterinary practice. Dr. D.W. Farnum possesses over 30 years of experience as a veterinarian, and his work with animals led him to begin searching for natural solutions to common livestock problems. When no product on the market could fulfill the results he was looking for, Dr. Farnum began developing his own line of products. True North Technologies provides natural solutions to nutritionally support animal health and fight performance-robbing diseases in commercial and show livestock.

Our Mission

True North Mission Statement: to develop scientifically sound, research- and field-proven supplements that support animal health, appetite, soundness, presence, and improve the experience of the people caring for them.

Unlike other livestock companies who are more focused on selling products and following trends than actually helping their customers, True North products are developed based on science and proven results. We want to help you get your animals in top condition for the show ring--that’s why we’re always open to your requests, questions, or feedback.

Discover Real Results for Your Livestock

Whether your animal is fighting inflammation, struggling to gain or maintain weight, recovering from injury or illness, or they are doing great and you want to keep them healthy, sound, and on-feed True North’s line of results-driven products can help. Learn more about our nutritional supplements and find a dealer near you.