True Purple

Your show pig is up to 80% water. That means water isn’t just the most important nutrient it is the one thing that can drive feed consumption and ultimately make the biggest difference in your pigs’ performance in the ring.

Our goal was simple when we went to work on TruePurple, we intended to make water better. TruePurple contains energy, electrolytes, acidification, and a boost of vitamin B12.

The energy boost that pigs get from TruePurple helps them recover from transport and the stress of a new environment while at the same time giving them the fuel they need to drive with power and endurance.

The osmolality of TruePurple improves absorption and hydration. Proper hydration helps optimize performance, look, and muscle expression.

The acidifiers in TruePurple help gut health during times of transport, strange environment, and stress. Even more important it is a powerful attractant to pigs and increases water consumption. Working with the boost of B12 to improve appetite and keep your pigs eating like champions.

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TruePurple makes water better and better water makes better show pigs.

Add one ounce of TruePurple per gallon of drinking water for up to three days before transport and a show. Or use two ounces of TruePurple per gallon of water to mix with feed to make a slop. Either way TruePurple delivers the energy and electrolytes your pigs need to perform their best.

$36.50 each