True Guardian

Help your animal reach its genetic potential with our natural supplement. The ingredients in TrueGuardian support a healthy digestive system that is necessary to convert your feed and forage into mass and muscle. TrueGuardian has the leading technology of Beta Glucans and other natural substances from plant material that supports a highly functioning immune system without the unpleasant side effects of drugs. This is especially important for your animal in comingled housing environments and when your animal will be exposed to unfamiliar animals such as at shows. It is also important prior to and during lactation when the dam's immune system is so important to the health of her young. TrueGuardian is also important during the transition from milk to solid feed and forages at weaning.

Buy TrueGuardian

TrueGuardian is delivered in a 10 pound Bucket which is over 410 feedings for swine sheep and goats or 205 feedings for cattle.

It can be top dressed added to complete rations or mixed with mineral supplements.

$40 each