True Glo


  • Supports Immune Function and Health
  • Supports Muscle Expression
  • Supports a Healthy Digestive Tract and Appetite
  • All Natural No Withdrawal
Science Behind True Glo

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TrueGlo comes to you in a 5.14# bucket. The enclosed scoop holds approximately 8 grams so there are over 290 scoops per bucket. That is more than enough to feed a show pig, lamb, or goat from “weigh in” to “show day” and 75 days for steers or heifers.

$70 each

How Did TrueGlo come to be?

Over 5 years of research has gone into the development of TrueGlo. This makes it one of the most research proven supplements designed for show stock. Numerous side by side, trials are conducted to demonstrate TrueGlo's effectiveness when used as part of a complete nutrition and health program. Research and real life experience demonstrate the effectiveness of TrueGlo

Dr. D.W. Farnum, the creator of TrueGlo has a thirty year history in the show ring, veterinary practice and most recently he has worked to find natural solutions to improve animal health and fight performance robbing disease.

TrueGlo Helps Livestock Reach Their Full Genetic Potential Four Ways:

Immune System Support

TrueGlo supports the response to disease causing organisms that your show animals will encounter whenever you haul them to a show and have contact with other animals.


When animals are stressed by disease or environmental conditions, they produce acute phase proteins that reduce appetite. growth, and cause protein to be pulled from muscle. A healthy immune system is able to react to disease agents without mounting a performance robbing acute phase protein response.


With the high cost of feed it is important to squeeze every bit of nutrition out of your high quality show feed. Probiotics and prebiotics in TrueGlo support digestive health and help you get the most performance for your feed dollar by turning that feed and forage into mass and muscle.

Muscle Expression and Top Shape

We are all after better muscle expression and top shape in our show stock. The difference between a program that works and one that doesn’t is the difference in look between an NFL running back and a marathon runner.