True Glo Cr

Introducing TrueGlo Cr Swine and TrueGlo Cr Beef!!

The TrueGlo Cr products have all of the advantages of our proven champion producing TrueGlo product with the addition of Chromium propionate.

Chromium Propionate is a highly bioavailable, organic source of chromium so it can provide the maximum amount of free chromium into a target tissue to enhance the insulin response and increase glucose uptake by the cell.

Bioavailability is important because it’s how much of the mineral is being absorbed by the animal in a form that can be used in metabolism.

Chromium enhances the amount of glucose available to the animal. Glucose is critical as it is used for all metabolic functions including maintenance, growth, as well as muscle and fat accretion.

In University studies, bioavailable chromium has increased glucose efficiency by a factor of eight.

What that means to you:

Glucose Uptake provides Cellular Energy optimizing Productivity leading to the Champion Drive

In trials, we conducted last fall and repeated this spring TrueGlo Cr fed animals had significantly more muscle than their cohorts and the muscle mass was not significantly different from animals fed beta agonists.

Chromium propionate is the only source of chromium approved by the FDA for use in cattle.

Buy TrueGlo Cr Swine

TrueGlo Cr Swine: Feed one of the enclosed scoop per three pounds of complete feed to provide the maximum total chromium supplementation allowed by the FDA of 200 ppb.

One bucket of TrueGlo Cr Swine is enough for 870 lbs of feed.

$80 each

Buy TrueGlo Cr Beef

TrueGlo Cr Beef: Brand new concentrated formula Contains PreVent, amino acid chelated minerals, and chromium propionate. One scoop in ten pounds of feed delivers 500 ppb chromium.

At 2 scoops per day a bucket is enough for 180 days.

$90 each