Nutritionally supports animals during times of heat stress
Supports a healthy immune system
Our most powerful formula to support gut health
A great addition to today’s antibiotic free show pig diets
All Natural No Withdrawal

Heat stress is becoming a bigger concern in all of animal agriculture and it is an even bigger issue in the stock show community. Transportation and athletic performance are both big contributors to additional heat stress in show pigs.

The ingredients in TrueCOOL have repeatedly reduced body temperature in pigs and sows during research trials. The effect on gut integrity is also well documented in multiple peer reviewed papers.

TrueCOOL contains our patent pending product PreVent. PreVent’s active ingredients are also proven in multiple research trials to support the immune system and repeated trials show it help mitigate the effects of endotoxin challenge.

Our customers also tell us that TrueCOOL is the go to product for animals that are recovering from health challenges or any pig that gets off track.

"We started feeding TrueCOOL to my show pig that got off track and lost her appetite. It has worked WONDERS! She is eating the bottom out of her feeder and it has changed her in the best way possible. This product is simply amazing and I’ll never feed a pig without it again.”
Kaeleigh Szafranski, Texas

Buy TrueCOOL

TrueCOOL comes in a 6# bucket and the enclosed scoop holds about 8 grams of product. There are 340 scoops per bucket and the feeding rate is one scoop per 100#s of body weight twice a day. TrueCOOL costs less than 15 cents per scoop.

$50 each